Artist Statement

SADIK is a second-generation artist. Amazingly maddening and enigmatic…. she channels all her life experience into pieces of astounding emotional depth, expressed through a wide range of technically sound pieces.

Incorporating colour and texture in many different ways, she is largely self-taught, yet born to art, as her mother is a successful artist, albeit of a very different style.

I’ve lived some life, more than you might think when first meeting me. Good and bad, positive and negative, it all goes into my art.  You can see tt in the range of my pieces, they mirror my moods, my highs and lows.  I love going out into the bush, getting away from it all in the Australian bush, so harsh and unforgiving but breathtakingly beautiful.

But I’m not afraid of being alone in an urban world, diving into myself, viewing myself almost as a scientific experiment, as a patient.  Getting my mental innards and my physical outwards on to the canvas, myself , photography , any medium she can get her hands on  is ultimate therapy.  I’ve been creating since I was a child, I will continue to do so until I die.

I have spent over 10 – 15 years researching and developing my signature the SADIK STITCH

With a single hole punch I create 5mm holes which allow numerous fibres to weave through and join the canvas back together. When Individually pulled to certain tensions it forces the canvas into an unnatural form.

The canvas is highlighted as the main focal point and the star of the show simulating the disturbances of it’s natural state, breaking it free of the four walls, of its frame.

(in the same way the corset is designed to re-configure the female form through moulding and tension , with the use of rope to hold it the perfect shape -) sadik stitch is the the corsetry of the canvas which is symbolic to  techniques in women’s communal weaving , its  reflective of my training in fashion and textiles, an idea derived from the notion of fear; by cutting UP CANVAS, then restitching it back together, knowing its shadows, all sides and backs ares just as stunning as the front and the process of making it was  just as beautiful as the finished piece.

truly shows my artistic intent .

rebuilding and healing after being pulled apart..  recreated by me .